NEW: Holle Baby Water - Natural non-carbonated mineral water

In the beginning your baby’s organism reacts very sensitively to contaminants and excess minerals. With its balanced mineral content Holle baby water is designed to meet these special needs, with strict controls guaranteeing the highest possible degree of safety. Holle products only contain ingredients which are good for your child. Because we care about your baby’s welfare.

- ready for use, no need to boil
- bottled at source
- uncarbonated

Holle baby water It is particularly low in sodium and is suitable for preparation in particular of:

- infant formula
- milk and cereal porridges
- drinks for babies and children

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The Holle team wishes you and your child lots of fun and enjoyment with the new Holle Baby Water.

Trendsetting: AG rebranding at organic baby food manufacturer Holle baby food

With a new organisational structure, the Demeter pioneer remains in the family

Even having been rebranded to become a joint-stock company in December 2018, Holle remains a family-run business – this was a central concern for the two managing partners, Peter Kropf and Udo Fischer. In 1999, they founded the company Holle baby food GmbH, the core of which dates back to the brand Holle, which has existed since 1933. New to the group of shareholders is Anne Mutter, who has chaired the Holle management board since 2013 and will continue to do so as CEO.

In order to meet the challenges of the extremely dynamic organic market and to continue to successfully develop the business, the structure of individual areas of the company has been adjusted and the management board has been expanded:

Peter Kropf moves from operational management and will now act as chairman of the Holle board of directors. The management of Holle baby food AG is split between Anne Mutter (CEO) and Udo Fischer (Business Development division), as well as new arrivals Angelo Ferrara (Market division) and David Knipper (Products division). Angelo Ferrara was previously the company’s long-standing sales manager for international and Switzerland; David Knipper has worked as sales manager for Germany and Austria at Holle for five years.